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Boat Trips Around Mauritius

Mauritius has many activities for visiting tourists around the island and within the various resorts. Tours are available for tourists that wish to see the whole island and what it has to offer. The busy main city is Port Louis and the beautiful harbour to the western edge of Mauritius is surrounded by mountains. The main shopping area of the island is Curepipe and tourists will find many designer shops to browse and purchase gifts. Around Mauritius you will find small fishing villages with interesting little markets and shops.


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Mauritius Holiday Island Tours

Tourists travelling to Mauritius can view the island from the sea on one of the many boat trips that can be arranged at your hotel reception. Most boat trips will last for the whole day and give you the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful Mauritian beaches and snorkel in the warm water of the Idian Ocean. Fresh caught fish being a speciality of Mauritius is most often served on board the day boat trips barbecued on board the boat. The island offers the most beautiful scenery and views of local animal life. Miniature safari tours are offered giving visitors the chance to see the local bird and other animal life in its natural habitat. The island is well known for its bird life especially and the very rare Pink Pigeon of Mauritius is found here. As well as the animal life many exotic plant species can be seen in the botanical gardens on the island. As well as the many plants found in the Mauritius Botanical Gardens the famous Ylang Ylang with is yellow flowers that are used in perfume is grown on the island.

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