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Hawaii Islands Activities

Hawaii is comprised of many different islands, each with much to offer the world traveller.
Some of the main vacation islands of Hawaii are :

All the islands of Hawaii have various holiday activities and excellent accommodation for tourists. But some of the islands have different properties to entice visitors to that particular island. Hawaii's Big Island has most holiday activities available that you might want whilst on your vacation. Large golf courses, fishing boat trips, volcano tours, diving and snorkelling are all activities that can be found on Big Island. The accommodation choices on Big Island include luxury hotels, spacious vacation rental villas as well as all inclusive holiday resorts.

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Hawaii Tourist Activities on Maui, Oahu, Lanai and Molokai

Maui is one of the more popular of the Hawaiian islands, and it boasts many exciting holiday activities. Well known for beautiful unspoilt beaches Maui is a haven for sun lovers to sunbathe and swim in the clear blue waters. At certain times of the year humpback whales can be spotted from boat trip tours around Maui and it is also well known for interesting souvenir shops.

One of Hawaii's smaller islands Lanai could be the perfect destination if you want a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle. Being a smaller island with only a few thousand inhabitants Lanai has lovely beaches and quality vacation resorts.

If you enjoy taking long scenic walks and exploring beautiful landscapes the island of Molokai may be your perfect Hawaiian island. Another of the smaller islands Molokai offers a more relaxing holiday experience hiking trails, mule riding trips and excellent local fishing.

The Hawaii isle of Kauai offers marvelous rainforests, mountainous landscapes and waterfalls to explore. With various types of accommodation to cater for all tastes the island of Kauai is perfect for the vacationing nature lover.

Travellers looking for a wild nightlife need look no further than the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Well known for its excellent nightlife as well as multiple activities to keep you occupied suring the daylight hours Oahu is one of the more popular islands.

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